Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Totty & Kelinn

It's too soon to know for sure but it's possible that Icelandic Sheepdogs Totty and Kelinn are pregnant.

Kim, Colleen, and Jeff worked very hard so we all hope they are expecting. Thank you guys.

Here are some photos of the Kross Gola Kelinn (aka Calvin, Colleen Schmidt breeder) and Vinlands Totty. Clicking on photos enlarges them,

 (Special thanks to Cathi Winkles Photography for the agility photos.)
 Calvin with his AKC agility ribbons
Of course Calvin is absolutely beautiful and an excellent conformation example Icelandic Sheepdog; he's an American Kennel Club champion. However, he is also a great agility dog with several agility titles already. Beauty and brains - a winning combination. I wish more of our dogs showed ALL of their attributes. They are undeniably handsome/beautiful; they are also very, very smart.

Totty is an AKC Grand Champion.
Calvin and Totty - Lune de Miel

Totty is an example of rare short haired Icelandics. It looks to me like Calvin has medium-long fur. I expect half of their puppies to have shorter fur like mom and half slightly longer fur like dad. Half of the pups could be tan shade chocolate pups, like Calvin's own mother Lavandels Vera (Laurie Ball-Gisch - breeder); they will also carry one hidden recessive at-gene for black & tan (what we sometimes call "tricolor"). The other half could look very much like Calvin - hopefully. If so, they will carry one hidden recessive b-gene for chocolate-brown and one hidden recessive at-gene for black & tan.

However, we don't know yet if Calvin has a hidden recessive at-gene for black & tan like his father Foot Hills Laki (Candise & Scott Berard - breeders). If he does, that would increase the possible variety in their offspring. If Calvin does carry one at-gene, then some of their pups could be tricolors (black, tan, & white) or even chocolate-brown tricolors like Totty. This should be a very good litter. (The inbreeding score is 0.68% - less than 1% - which is very, very good.)

I can be emailed at: - (Once the pups, if any, are born, I will be happy to send pedigrees via email or snail mail to anyone who might be interested in adopting one of them.)

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