Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Now that they are eating semi-solid food, the Icelandic Sheepdog puppies seem to be growing faster. They still sleep lots though. The floor of the whelping box is corruplast (corrugated plastic) which is very easy to clean but very slippery. Yesterday the pups were not able to stand up like Betty is doing now. I love the "Dura-Whelp" whelping/weaning boxes from Breeder Base. They are very lightweight, easy to clean and disinfect, and fold up easily for storage after use.

A crate has been placed in their whelping box now to get them used to the idea of a crate and to provide a comfortable safe retreat for naps. In the past I've found that puppies may play outside a crate in their whelping or weaning pen but in the crate they sleep. It's a safe place from the other pups for the ones who want a break. Does that make sense?

Bangsi, Kitty, Kippa

Have you ever noticed that there's always one kid (or puppy) that has to stick out its tongue when you take a picture? Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Eddie, Totty, Betty "crated"

A crate should be a "safe haven", a place where they feel secure. It should not be used as a punishment. However, I sometimes use mine as  a "time out" pad. Also I always transport my dogs in a crate in the car to protect them in case of an accident while traveling. In case I get injured in an accident and my door(s) spring open, I want my dogs to be secure inside the car and not run out into speeding traffic.

Eddie, Lulu, Totty - Totty tried to escape from the pups - and failed.
Eddie often is tied to mom.

Betty, Kitty, Kippa, Bangsi
Kitty, Bangsi, Kippa - notice Kippa's face is starting to show tan. As she grows, the amount of tan on her face and legs will probably increase. 
Of course I keep track of the genotypes of each puppy for color. Perhaps you're interested in breeding and/or showing in the conformation show ring. If you'd like to know the color genes a puppy has, just send me an email for more information. I've also mentioned their genotypes in previous posts. It's too soon to be sure about the genes present for coat length but I have started to make some educated guesses.

Calvin and Totty are both American Kennel Club Champion Icelandic Sheepdogs. I would hope that all of these pups would do very well in the show ring. (One or two are already being hams; they show up in many photos! It's like they already know they're special. Isn't that just like show dogs? I'm only asking.)

Totty and Betty

I would also be happy to do a trial pedigree for any one of the puppies. I can also make a pedigree for a cross with a puppy from this litter and a dog you might own or have access to see how good the "fit" might be.

Compare the photos taken today with the ones taken only yesterday. They are growing in size and confidence.

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