Friday, March 13, 2015

Pond - Not Walden

The small goldfish pond in my front year has been completely covered with snow all winter. I have small aquarium pumps with bubblers attached that aerate my pond year round. Because the pond is small, the fish could suffocate in the winter if the pond were to freeze over. Bubblers provide fresh air to the fish during the snow and ice covered months. However, I never know if the pumps worked all winter until I can see the bubbles again. The small hole near the middle of this shot tells me they never stopped.


In just 24 hours more snow and ice has melted and one edge of the pond has become visible. I can even see bubbles again. It won't be long until I'll be able to see how the semi-hibernating goldfish fared. They store energy as fat in order to survive the long winter's fast.

Totty and Pila exploring the rapidly diminishing snow near the pond. The snow here is so white compared to "city snow".

Yesterday's sunrise (below).

Today's sunrise (below).

I feel blessed to be able to appreciate my life here on Lake Huron. On April first last year I started this amazing adventure when we moved lock, stock, and barrel up to our new home. The house and the surrounding environment are amazing. I love winters here - all seasons truly.

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