Monday, March 23, 2015

Iceland Dog Totty

Icelandic Sheepdog Totty takes power naps whenever and wherever she can these days!

After my company left yesterday I replaced damaged sun-catcher/bird warning/hanging mirrors that had been damaged over the winter by storms. (Yes, that's the handle of a snow shovel. I won't put it away for a few weeks - don't want to tempt fate.)

Then, with a head of steam up, I cleaned out the nests from our birdhouses. I was surprised by how many houses had nests in them. I also put out a few new bluebird and/or tree swallow houses which reminded me of when Iris volunteered to monitor some houses up north of where she lives. Clicking enlarges photos.

Do you think I may have over done it?
 How many houses can you count?

(aka Eddie like his namesake)

Elisabeth (Betty) 

Sunrise today

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