Sunday, March 8, 2015

Totty and Pups in Their Den

Icelandic Sheepdog Totty and her puppies seem to love the security, comfort, and peace of their "den" - the crate I put in the larger whelping box to acquaint them with the concept of crates.

Some guests are coming up late tonight for dinner and a stay in the barn. Tomorrow we'll take some "stacked" photos of the pups - . They are only three weeks old and I realize that it's too soon for stacked photos, sometimes that might happen around the fourth to sixth weeks, but I don't get much company here and some people have asked to see stacked photos.

Stacked photos are taken with a puppy in a pose similar to the position show dogs take in the conformation ring. (There are some photos of stacked adult dogs, including mom and dad, at the end of this post.)

Judges evaluate show dogs on their movement, structure, look. They try to evaluate dogs on how well they "conform" to the official written breed standard - hence the name "conformation". Those early photos might help some people decide if a puppy could grow into a conformation show ring kind of dog, I'm told.

If you'd like me to send some or all of those stacked puppy photos to you, just ask, OK? Because it's early I may decide not to post them on the blog.

Don't you love Totty's smile!

In the middle of the winter the sun rises in the south-east up here. Gradually, but surely and noticeably, the sun "moves" further and further north; it now rises in the north-east. (Yes, of course I realize that it's the earth that has moved in its orbit around the sun but old habits die hard, eh?) Compare this photo of the pre-sunrise with earlier ones I've posted and you will notice that the sun "rises" behind the birch forest now.

Some conformation stacked photos below.
Calvin - Kross Gola Kelinn (Dad)
Vinlands Totty (Mom)
Vinlands Sunna
Totty's daughter and mother of her own litter in Ohio now*
Vinlands Leifur
Totty's nephew
Tryggur - Vinlands Kani
Totty's nephew
* puppies available, ask!

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