Thursday, March 12, 2015


I just received these photos from Sally of her Icelandic named Thora who is rolling in the snow, slush, and ice. Hey, they are Icelandic Sheepdogs and they love winter with its cold, snow, and ice.

Thora is one of Totty's daughters from a previous litter and will soon be three years old which is really hard for me to believe.

If you're wondering, this is normal behavior for our dogs. For them it's almost like being back in Iceland, the mother country! Icelandic Sheepdogs like Thora are called "split faces" because one side of their face is white; sometimes they are called Odin dogs. The Norse god Odin was blinded in one eye;  I suppose the name Odin refers to the fact that one side of the face (eye) is white. (Of course she is not blind in one eye!!) Google Odin or Wodin.
Wasn't she a cute puppy?
Forgive me.
I couldn't resist adding some older photos of "my" baby.
Thora was very lucky because there was another Icelandic, I think they speak the same language, waiting for her when she got to her new home. This is Wooki.
Thora the Explorer - with apologizes to Dora. Hehe!

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