Saturday, March 28, 2015

Snow and Sleep

We had a surprise snow fall which has stuck around. That's normal for Michigan but disappointing.

 Kria, Kata
 Bear, Korpur

 Gunnar (Edgar), Lizzie (Betty)
Lizzie (Betty) 

Tully Lulu, Kitty
I try to plan my naps to coincide with their naps. Sweet Dreams! They say you should try to take action shots and not sleep photos but it's so much easier to snap them while they are asleep now. I had an Icelandic friend who used to say, Trying to take photos of puppies is like trying to take photos of the wind!" I miss that nice lady. The truth is that now they spend very little time sleeping; mostly they play. They have several favorite toys which I try to rotate. So far (Saturday, March 28, 2015) I have received deposits holding Bangsi and Tully Lulu. Others have expressed interest in Elisabeth (Lizzie), Kathleen (Kitty), and Gunnar (Edgar).

Official registered names (probably): -
Vinlands Bangsi (I thought he was going to have short fur but about a week ago it started growing!!)
Vinlands Kathleen (call name: - Kit or Kitty)
Vinlands Tully Lulu
Vinlands Gunnar
Vinlands Kippa
Vinlands Elisabeth (call name: - Lizzie)

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