Monday, March 23, 2015

Un-Posed Photos

Posed stack shots, like yesterday's photos, are nice but play shots are so much fun. At this age they don't play for long before falling asleep.

I really want to keep them all. I am having serious puppy withdrawal symptoms. Should I keep any? One? Two? And if I do give in against common sense, which one? Totty is my last intact female and this is her last litter, sadly.

Next week they go for their first set of inoculations; they'll also get a microchip.

There's a monkey toy under Bangsi but the real draw is an empty paper towel roll under the puppy pile.

 There's the monkey!

 Could Bangsi be changing chameleon-like to cream color?

Puppy play is extremely important. If one puppy hurts another too much, the hurt one screams and play stops. That's how they learn how much pressure, how much play is OK and how much is too much. Do exactly the same when/if your puppy bites you - even if it's not hard, scream and say "Ow!" It is never OK to bite a person. You do not need to punish the pup. The scream and the "Ow!" will get it done. Really. Be consistent. Never! Bite! People! (Ow! - - Don't punish!!)

 The presence of mom almost always stops play. Is it lunch time?

 Yes, that's Bangsi sound asleep on the floor.
When they crash, they are sound asleep.

 It's hard to get good shots of Kippa;
she often hides in the shadows.

 Honest! Kit's wink is NOT photo-shopped.
How did she do that?

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