Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Spring? Not yet. At least not here. Not every morning has a gorgeous sunrise but most seem to.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I worked outside behind the pole barn clearing out debris left by previous owners. It was a huge mess.

The property is filled with many shrubby plants of what we used to call Russian Olives, but now call Autumn Olives. Regardless, they are an alien species that was originally planted all over because they were thought to help control erosion. In their defense, the spring flowers smell very nice. However they have long thorns, especially if they have been cut back, a practice which encourages the plant to protect itself against future cut backs by growing thorns that are sometimes as long as a few inches. They also self seed and tend to take over an area crowding out native plants. I have been working for almost two years trying to get rid of these pesky plants.

Most of the snow is gone;
the pond has more water replacing the ice.

Underneath a large pile of trunks and branches I found an old spring set for a bed. I don't know if it's for a single, a double or  what we now call a "full" bed. It's rusty but might make an interesting trellis if anchored upright. We'll see. It's kind of heavy and could topple, I suppose.

Maybe it could be a modern "statue", a piece of "found art" a la Tyree Guyton? ( http://www.heidelberg.org/ )

However in trying to pull it out from the living dogwoods and viburnums that had grown through the springs, I hurt my left wrist rather badly. This morning it's swollen. Sprained? Broken? Time will tell. It reminded me that my Mother had broken her left wrist which always remained swollen looking and never got better again. Poetic?


I received a deposit for holding Lulu yesterday. She will be moving to Oregon to live with David and Melanie. David will be flying in to pick her up soon after Lulu turns eight weeks old. It is very hard letting any of them go; I would only do so for a great home with a great family.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

People wonder why I don't find more conformation show homes for my puppies. It's really simple. I breed the very best puppies I can breed and want the very best homes possible for them. Quite a ways down on the list of things I consider for placing my puppies is the type of home (show or pet) where they will go. I read applications carefully, exchange emails, and try to get a feel for the potential home. My puppies end up in amazing homes. I'd be happy living anywhere they go!


Some of my puppies do end up in conformation show homes and do quite well earning American Kennel Club Championships. Others end up in agility show homes or obedience show homes and they also do very well in those homes. I hope, however, they all end up in loving homes - and I honestly think they do. Some breeders make a distinction between show and pet homes and even breeding homes when placing a puppy. I don't. All my pups get the same consideration from me. I really try to put them all in a wonderful home and I never second guess whether I made the right choice between pet, show, or breeding home. Never. I hope all of my dogs are good ambassadors for the breed and love their new families. That is all I ask or expect.

Today we're back to winter-like weather, cold and windy. I'm really glad I got a chance to work a bit yesterday - took the edge off being confined, more or less, all winter. Today I can lick my wounds, drink coffee, tea, cocoa, and read a bit. It does not get better than this.

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